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Awon YM250 Solar Power Water Pump Fountain, Water Floating Fountain Pump Kit for Bird Bath, Fish Tank, Small Pond, Garden and Patio Decoration

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Manufacturer Description

Solar door: 7V/1.4 W
Brushless push input: DC 4.5-10V
DC Brushless Pump Power: 0.8 W
Solar panel dimension: 6.3"(16cm)
Max water circulation height: 18"/ Regular:10 ~ 15"
Max water coverage: 32"(80cm) in dimension
Maximum pump circulation: 40gallons/H
Minutes water intensity in water fountain: 1 3/4"

Notes:1. The photo voltaic water fountain is steered straight due to the sunshine, the height from water circulation depends totally on the stamina from sunshine, kindly allow that maded an unobstructed sunshine place for working well(no darkness or even cloud);
2. Start-up quick, the water fountain pump will begin instantly in 3 secs when sunshine beams on the photovoltaic panel;
3. Setting up 6 attachments to obtain various water designs, so funny as well as awesome;
4. Opt for the best spray go to your bird shower(Size as well as Depth), to stay clear of the water spray out as well as you have to replenish that frequently;
5. Do not bring in the pump job without water for a long time, or even its own life expectancy will definitely be actually minimized;
6. Always keep the water clean as well as clean the pump on a regular basis. If that is actually grimy, that will definitely stop the pump from working;
7. Pump must be actually totally submersed in water, Dehydration will definitely use the aspect of pump, after that reduce the item life expectancy.8.
The photo voltaic drinking fountain for bird shower is Eco-friendly no external batteries or even power needed. This pump carries out NOT establishment renewable energy as well as is steered straight due to the sunlight.Tips: If the water fountain pump does not

functioning in complete sunshine, you can easily attempt to:-LRB- 1) Remove the safety movie to enable the photovoltaic panels to take in the sunshine much better. (2)Immerse the photovoltaic panel right into the water totally, tremble that 3-5 opportunities to tire sky in the pump, after that allow that floating on the water;-LRB- 3)Remove the spray to start with, after you find water was spray out from outlet, set up the spray on outlet once more;-LRB- 4)keep the water as well as pump clean, because the pump possibly obstructed through tiny fragments from dirt, algae or even various other debris.

Product Features

High Power 1.4W. With this high power and brushless DC water pump design,the maximum water height can reach up to 45cm to offer you a great spray show. Solar-Powered Directly Water Pump. Energy comes from sunlight,no external batteries or electricity needed. The pump will start automatically in 3 seconds when bright sunlight shines on the solar panel directly without any shadow. Removable and Washable Nozzle. A new bottom cover is added to effectively prevent clogging up the nozzle. The water pump will stop working when it is dirty or be blocked. Regularly cleaning,no worries about plugged nozzle. Improved Nozzle. This updated water pump ejected spray at all directions while many other models spray water straight up directly. NOTE: As the pump is solar powered, the water height may compromise when compared to electric water pump. Please clean the nozzle regularly to get high spray effect.

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