Pond Supplies


Find that unique look for your pond lighting

Adding lighting to a pond becomes a personal choice. But if you are thinking of going this route the options are endless of what you can do. From adding lights to the water or even the water fall. Often just adding some accent pond lighting to the outside can really change the look and feel of your pond. Not only can you enjoy it during the day but if you add the right pond lighting you can enjoy your pond at night as well.

Nowadays there are so many pond lighting kits available that the most difficult part of illuminating your pond is choosing the lights.  Probably the best advice is not to think of the pond as an isolated unit but as an integral part of the overall garden lighting design, and illuminate it on that basis. This means that you would highlight architectural features around the pond, as well as the pond itself; a boring old rockery can look absolutely stunning illuminated at night, and even the plastic heron why not!

Choosing the Mood

Before you go and buy the first pond lighting kit you come across, give some thought to the effects you want to achieve with your lighting; for a gently romantic mood, choose floating lights, or even underwater lighting.  Floating pond lights are available in a variety of shapes and the solar powered variety are particularly good if your worried about the combination of children, electricity, and water!

For something a little more edgy, then spotlights are a good choice, especially LED spotlights or LED colour changing spotlights.  You can be as dramatic as you like with this type of pond lighting, use them to uplight plants and ornaments, create extra sparkle in fountains, or direct a shaft of LED coloured or white light directly at the water for pure drama. Why not add a colour changing kit for dramatic light effects that suit your mood.

If you want a garden makeover and you have a body of water in your garden, garden pond lighting will make dramatic transformation to the entire garden.