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PONDMASTER OXY-POND 1000 POND AERATION / DEICER KIT Includes Pump, Cord, Air Stones, Tubing and More, Adds Oxygen, Raises Water Quality and Clarity, Helps Fish and Plants

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When put together and also put in, the Pondmaster Oxy-Pond 1000 Pond Aeration/ Deicer Kit is favorable all year, not only in summer season! That raises the air amount in a pool or even various other water feature during the course of every time. The added air strengthens the water's premium and also quality. In the course of winter, the body helps to avoid ice from creating. In an environment with moderate winter seasons, it may be the garden pond's only deicer. In a region with a lot more severe winter seasons, it may be used along with a floating garden pond heating system for the greatest results.This aerator device has an optimum operating depth from 4 feet. That does work in a pool, water garden or even various other waterscape that stands up to 1,000 gallons from water. The water feature may be within or even outside.SUPPORTS FISH AND PLANT HEALTH As this oygenation body strengthens water health conditions, it helps the koi, various other fish, water vegetations and also favorable micro-organisms that stay in the garden pond. Its flow from the water creates a lot more even temperatures in the garden pond. The renovations advertise fish wellness and also aid guard fish during the course of freezing weather.EASY TO INSTALL KIT HAS EVERYTHING NEEDED This aerator kit includes all the elements you need to aerate your water feature. That supplies: * 1 AP-4 sky pump that hasa 1 year limited guarantee. * 1 electric energy cord that is 6 feet long. * 2 sky stones, each 4 inches long. * 2 sky paycheck shutoffs. * 2 rolls from very clear sky tubes. Each roll from tubes is 16 feet long.Improve your garden pond's water with the Pondmaster Oxy-Pond 1000 Pond Aeration/ Deicer Kit.Click"Add to Cart"presently!

Product Features

? IMPROVES POND WATER: As the Pondmaster Oxy-Pond 1000 Aeration / Deicer Kit adds oxygen to a pond, it increases the water's quality and clarity. This aerator kit is simple to put together and includes everything you need to aerate your outdoor or indoor pond, water garden or other waterscape. It can aerate a water feature that contains up to 1,000 gallons of water and is up to 4 feet deep. The unit allows you to adjust its water flow. ? BENEFITS POND LIFE: While adding oxygen to water, this aeration system also circulates the water. Its work helps to break down fish waste and create a cleaner environment for fish, plants, good bacteria and other pond life. During winter, the aerator helps to prevent ice from forming on the water. ? STAYS ESSENTIAL YEAR ROUND: Besides oxygenating water throughout the year and during all kinds of weather, this aerator is a deicer in winter months. Use it alone to deice a pond in an area with mild winters. In a location with more severe winters, use it to supplement a floating pond heater for ideal results. ? HAS AN ENERGY EFFICIENT PUMP WITH CORD: This kit's AP-4 air pump uses only 3.5 watts of electricity and has a 1 year limited warranty. It comes with a 6 foot long electric power cord. Quiet and non-oil lubricated, the pump motor operates on 110 volts. The pump has a minimum air flow of 275 cubic inches per minute. It aerates water to a maximum depth of 4 feet. ? PROVIDES AIR STONES, CHECK VALVES, HOSES: Each of the kit's 2 air stones is 4 inches long. The kit also comes with 2 air check valves. It has 2 rolls of clear air tubing. Each roll contains 16 feet of the tubing.

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